Elder, the American stoner progressive rock band released a new album, Reflections of a Floating World, which has featured as one of my favourite albums of this year, as seen in my previous blog post. Naturally I had to check them out live. This unfortunately wasn’t a full concert though, with just an hour dedicated to Elder, one of 6 stoner bands at the venue.

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First off the venue, Glazart is an old bus-stand turned concert venue in the northern periphery of Paris. It has a cool outer area to take a break from the mayhem unfolding  indoors. Fair to say the indoors had a bus stand feel to it as well. The outdoors was pretty cool, nice place to chill with some artificial sand and counters for drinks. It was also where the merch was being sold. And indoors arena you say? Was scorching hot with the blaring music and literally everyone was dripping in sweat, band members included.

So what else was scorching hot? The music of course. Featuring 5 songs from their 3 previous albums, this was the setlist:

  1. Sanctuary
  2. The Falling Veil
  3. Compendium
  4. Dead Roots Stirring
  5. Gemini

I don’t quite know their names yet, but the bassist was at the forefront here, sporting an Elder tattoo on his bicep, while annihilating the bass to popular tunes. The drummer blasted away in his inimitable style while the vocalist/guitarist was more engrossed in riffing. From the previous live videos, I had observed that the vocals sound very feeble and that was the case here as well, but vocals ain’t why you would go for an Elder concert anyways. Something I didn’t like, thought, was the guitar being drowned by the overall music especially during some of the higher notes of the solos, but don’t know who to blame for that. Here’s a video of Compendium to give you a feel of what to expect:

Overall, people of Europe, highly recommend go watch them during their tour, while tripping or not, you’d get to hear your favourite tracks from the previous albums while getting a better feel of their new one (Even better if you get the full show!). All for around 20 bucks, no brainer really.