This has been one of my to-do personal projects for a while now, and I’ve finally got the time to write!

It’s been more than two years since I started exploring the genre of progressive rock/music, and at the more I explore, the better it gets. However what disheartens me is the lack of popularity of the genre in terms of fans as well as media exposure. This has inspired me to start my blog dedicated to this awesome genre and it’s called PD’s Prog Blog (My French friends can have a snigger at that).

What I plan to do is write album reviews, concert reviews and some opinion articles as and when I have time. But I shall be far more active on the new Facebook page that I’ve set up in conjunction.  Here I intend to share a song, or an album every day as well as a Spotify playlist on the weekend. You can ping me anytime to ask me about my opinion on an album and I will always open to suggestions and criticisms.

Also, since the genre is so Wide-ranging: From Progressive pop to progressive black metal, just so the fans of the former don’t get their ears torn apart from hearing the latter, I will label each song/album/band on a 4-scale level of Prog:

Harshness Level 0: Prog Pop (Newly introduced thanks to Mr. Steven Wilson)

Harshness Level 1: All Prog Rock, Instrumentals (Plini kind)

Harshness Level 2: Prog Metal without screams/growls, Metal Instrumentals

Harshness Level 3: Prog Metal with audible growls (Opeth, Death)

Harshness Level 4: Prog Metal with mostly incomprehensible growls or screams (BTBAM)

I also will share or talk about adjacent genres in Rock and Metal.

Thanks for wasting your 5 minutes on the post, and if you have friends who are fans of rock and metal and who are seeking a forum for discussion, share the Facebook Page Link with them.

On the Facebook Page, I will share a song/album/fact every day as well as a Spotify playlist link every weekend.

See you soon, with my “favourite Prog releases of 2017 so far”!